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We are always looking out for talented & passionate individuals to join our team.

Joining CARBON means giving yourself a chance to progress very quickly in your field and even to evolve into other professions. It is also an opening to the world since we are present in two countries. Above all, it is the right professional choice, one of high standards and passion.
If you are looking for your next chapter of your career, send us a message and a CV and we’ll get back to you shortly.



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    Everything but perfection is not enough. One compromise is enough to ruin a lifetime of hard work

    – Tudor Turcanu

    Insatiably curious and Swiss educated, Tudor Turcanu is slowly becoming a name for his unique, ground-breaking approach to the dining experience. CARBON is his first attempt at creating a signature experience in a somewhat uneducated space.


    Having worked in one of the most pretentious hotels in Europe and The United States, Tudor has acquired a solid work ethic that relies heavily on personal responsibility and teamplay.

    He sees his primary role to be an educator above all. His mission is to inspire his team and educate the clients in what he calls “conscious dining”. Since 2017 the Iasi dining scene has been given an important boost thanks, in part, to Tudor who set the bar high and challenged everyone in outpacing themselves.

    Having an unstoppable attitude, he’s always working on something new in his attempt to push the boundaries of what a restaurant can be and offer to its customers.


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    Executive Chef – Carbon Ristirante Iasi

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    Executive Chef – Carbon Ristirante Mamaia

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    Executive Chef – Carbon Ristirante Armenia