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Carbon YEREVAN – a new and surprising location in our portfolio / the first step to world domination

Carbon has set it’s aims high. Our ambition reaches far beyond Romania in a bold attempt to explore new territories and cultures. Our first stop, Yerevan, a city in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains that links the past with the future in a harmonious blend.

Europe meets Asia, tradition meets contemporary, established meets the undefined. Carbon Yerevan is all about contrast and clashing flavors. From interior design choices to the lines of our cutlery every minute detail has been studied to enhance every defining moment of a perfect dinner.

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The place where it all started with the ambition to offer so much more than redefined Italian cuisine, Carbon was designed to be a trendsetter and a place where experience is king.



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Carbon is always there where life beats. Discover amazing venues and surprising cities

From the wild forests of the Carpathians, from the deep blue of the Black Sea to the top of the Caucasus, Carbon invites you to enjoy a diverse yet unified experience that always aims higher.

Each location bears the indistinguishable Carbon signature, but it also stands as its own concept adding layers of sophistication to a story that is written each day, each client, each course.

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No matter the location the experience is the same. Book yours now!

Chose the location you’re most comfortable with. The process is fully automatic, so you don’t have to do nothing more but enjoy. Be sure to arrive no later than 15 minutes otherwise your reservation may be canceled depending upon the number of customers at the location. Make sure you complete your information with care so we can reach you in case of an emergency. Thank you and enjoy.

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str. Palas,no.7,Iasi,Romania
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Carbon was born as a distilled mix between our vision of a fine dining experience and the passion of the people involved.

– Tudor Turcanu


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Your career starts at Carbon

We are always looking out for talented & passionate individuals to join our team. Whilst experience is often necessary, we value enthusiasm, a personality that strives to improve and above all else has the ability to work as an integral part of a team.

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