The experience

The Experience

Our philosophy ____

Everything is about the experience. Each detail adds to a certain subtle sophistication that conjures the magic of the perfect night. Nothing but the best is expected of a 5-star experience and this is precisely what we offer making our customer the star of his own story.

Our patrons inspire and motivates us to exceed even the utmost standards of excellence. Perfection is what we strive for every day.


Events ____

Carbon boasts unique private events providing the ideal setting for unforgettable moments. Each event is built a central theme bringing along with it the flavors and the vibes of places such as New York, Tokyo, Sicilia or of legendary drinks such as the world renown Negroni. Stay tuned to find out about our latest events.

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Our locations...


Our restaurant ___

Carbon is always there where life beats

Carbon offers contemporary Italian cuisine with a professional, bespoke, and friendly service. Our philosophy – fine fire food is further enhanced by the choice of ingredients and the techniques our chefs use in distilling refined flavors that delight and surprise every day.  Creativity and craftmanship come together for a memorable experience, infused with fancy, pleasure and utmost attention to details.

The ingredients are always the ultimate truth. We source the very best of Romania and Italy and then we treat them with love and respect for attaining the incomparable flavors our patrons crave.

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Your sweet spot...


Carbon Dolce ___

Top the perfect course with the sweetest desert

Our dessert menu promises a unique end to an enjoyable day. Experience our interpretation of dessert dining for one evening and become part of a culinary journey. Welcome to Carbon Dolce, Romania’s finest dessert selection. Each dessert is rounded off by a recommended drink that goes with it and tells its own story.